Our baking tips will taste good in your mouth and your wallet.

Bake in bulk

Baking lots of cakes while the oven is on will save time and cash.

Turn the oven off early

It can take around 10 minutes for an oven to cool down. If you’re cooking you can save some cash by using the existing heat in the oven and turning off the oven early.  

Grow your own ingredients

Why buy your strawberries when you could grow them? Save cash by growing your own. Visit a garden centre for possible options on what to grow.

Use coupons

If you’ve got them, use them. They normally save cash.

Pound stores make your cakes cheaper

Think Home Bargains, B&M and Poundland. Shopping anywhere else may cost you more money.   

Eat before you bake

You don’t want to trough everything you’ve bought before you’ve baked it. Either eat or drink before your bake!

Don’t throw away the over-done cake

You can give it to the dog! Or feed it to the ducks. Or just give it to someone you don’t like.


Freeze what you don’t use. You can use it again rather than buying it.