Renting can be expensive – not with our tips though!

Do you qualify for Council Tax discounts

You get a single person discount when living alone and there are discounts for people claiming certain benefits as well.


If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It’s always worth negotiating to get a cheaper rental price. The landlord needs to cover the rent – and you have the cash.

Use Zoopla

Check out the local area by using the Zoopla app. You’ll find details regarding the habits of your neighbours and average house prices.

Energy saving light bulbs

Switch if you haven’t. It’s a no-brainer.

Check the crime rate

Use website to see the crime rate in the local area. Why does it matter? A higher crime rate equals a higher car and home insurance cost.

Try second-hand home furnishings

Look at freecycling, exchange or auction sites for second hand furnishing.

Take photos when you move in

Avoid potential disputes on your deposit by taking photos of the property when you move in.

Haggle again

A landlord loves a safe bet. If you can offer more income through a longer rent period try to negotiate. Works best towards the end of the rental agreement.