Our beauty tips will look better on you! Have a read.

Old Mascara and Saline solution

Add a few drops of Saline solution to sticky and clumpy mascara to make it apply like new.

Always ask for samples

Whenever shopping at a perfume shop or otherwise always ask for samples.

Be a hair model

You could get salon-quality hair for nothing or a fraction of the price. Definitely worth considering.

Don’t use loads

Less is more. You don’t need a handful of shampoo or conditioner. Simply use two pound coin sized amounts as a guide.

Coconut Oil

You can use coconut oil for everything. This could be moisturiser, make-up remover or even treatment for split ends.

Buy in bulk

If you need it, buy in bulk. As long as it’s cost effective.

Use own brand

Save cash by switching to supermarket own brands. Handy for stuff like soap.

Get shopping at discount stores

You can find a lot of premium brands at discount stores.

Shave your legs with conditioner

Yep. As well as making your hair feel silky smooth your legs will too.

Sudocrem can blitz spots

Sudocrem is a pretty handy treatment for spots. Apply without makeup and it works better.