Get a smart meter

Speak to your energy supplier. You can see exactly what you’re using and spending.

Energy saving light bulbs

It makes sense to change, even if it’s a pain. But you’ll save money!

Get a jumper

You could visit a local charity shop or TK Maxx to get a woolly jumper and keep warm.

Only fill up the kettle with what you need

It costs 3p to boil a full kettle. That’s 30p for 10 times. Only boil what you need.

Cut your food smaller, it’s easier to cook

The smaller you cut it, the quicker it cooks.


Switch it off!!!

Turn your heating down

Does it need to be hotter than the sun in your house? Turn it down and save some cash.

Check for draughts

Make sure your home isn’t leaking out cash and warm air.